More insights from Insider Secrets for Getting Hired from Top Conference Organizers

January 20, 2010 at 2:30 am Leave a comment

I have just completed another in a series of interviews I am conducting with top workshop and conference organizers about how they find and hire people to be paid public speakers. This one was with Jack Hirose of Jack Hirose and Associates, who organizes events all over Canada and is based in BC.

I heard a lot of insights from Jack, but one that stood out was that he really appreciated speakers that were organized and timely in getting him all the marketing materials he needed to bring them in. He usually needs outlines, descriptions, photos, and other things to get the ball rolling. Sometimes, he says, he has to request these several times to get them from speakers he has hired.

I mentioned to Jack that this is one of the reasons I had set up a specific website where sponsors can go to get all that stuff from me. It saves me and the sponsor time and hassle; and it increases my sponsor’s customer satisfaction with me (I must admit, I was one of those flaky people who sometimes didn’t get things sponsors needed to them in a timely manner).

The other thing Jack said that surprised me a little was that he mostly hired speakers that had more than one books out. Why? he wants the experts in the topic areas for which he hires and having several books gives speakers a credibility and marketing clout that only have one (or none) doesn’t.

You’ll learn more from Jack and the others I am interviewing when I release the entire series.


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Insider Secrets for Getting Hired by Top Conference Organizers What I am learning from talking to people who hire speakers

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