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Do you use Google Alerts yet? Visit: to set notices. It’s free and it’s interesting. It’s essentially an online clipping service. You can put in words or phrases that interest you.

A few years ago, I got a notice for some content and the web using my name and I discovered that someone in Germany was advertising a workshop I was to be doing in a few months time there. The only problem was I was not scheduled to be there and hadn’t agreed to teach a workshop for the group that was advertising it. They had approached me but the fee and the timing weren’t good for me. They had just gone ahead and set the ting up without my permission or agreement. I sent them a strongly worded letter and they took the ad down.

The point is that Google alerted me to this state of affairs. I wouldn’t have had a clue and might have had people who signed up for the ting mad at me, thinking I had flaked out or canceled when I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Use Google Alerts. As Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing.”


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Teleseminars as an extension and enhancement of your speaking career

A few years ago, I learned to do teleseminars. At first, it was a little daunting learning the technology, but I found some free services at or (There are many others – Google the term “free teleconference”). They offer free teleconference services and free recordings of those calls that you can download from their site after the call as a digital audio. You can record interviews you do with others or for classes and workshops you offer, then make products out of those recordings.

Once I got started, I found that doing these was pretty easy for me, since I speak all the time and have lots of content I have developed over time. Sometimes I use material from seminars I no longer teach as workshops. Sometimes I use teleseminars to debut new material that I am developing and that perhaps aren’t enough to fill a whole day or two workshop.

Or I might do a free teleseminar to help build my email mailing list or just to reward my customers or fans for being so loyal and supportive.

I am doing a teleseminar to teach people all about doing teleseminars on October 26, 2009. No worries if you can’t make the call, since if you sign up for it, you’ll get a downloadable audio, as well as all the tutorials and handouts.

Visit: for details and to register.

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Short and sweet and what’s in it for them

I just got finished coaching someone who is applying to speak at a national conference. What emerged from our conversation after I had looked over her submission materials was:

1. They were too long and complicated; keep them short and clear. She had used some fancy font that was hard to read (this is supposed to be like a business letter-Times New Roman is always safe); there was too much material (it was a bit overwhelming)

2. It was more focused on the details of what she was going to speak about than what participants were going to walk away with (and what enhancement of benefit she was going to bring to the conference; like filling a hole that wasn’t covered in previous years).

Think of the people or person who will be reviewing your submission. They are busy and just want to make a rapid and good decision about who to include. The shorter (bullet points instead of long narrative descriptions if possible) and more user-friendly you can make it, the better.

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Adding Book Publishing to Your Speaking Career

When I started as a speaker, I didn’t have any books out or even other products to sell. If you are just starting out, I recommend you get a book out as quickly as you can. It will act a bit like a compelling business card or brochure and will often elicit offers of paid speaking gigs.

Books can be a good source of passive income. I have written 29 books (my next one, A Guide to Trance-Land comes out from W.W. Norton next year) and it is so cool to get checks every six months from my publishers. I never know how much they will be for, since sales are variable, and I never count on this money as income, so it is always a pleasant surprise.

I’ve discovered that most people are a bit stymied by the writing and especially by the publishing process, so I have created an online Book Writing and Publishing Course. The course tells you where to start (never write your non-fiction book before you sell it; but always write much, if not all, of your fiction book before you sell it), how to get yourself to write (Did you know you could write a book in five-minute chunks and it would take you less than a year to get it done?), how to get an agent (I’ll tell you how I got one in one day!), and how to make it likely your book will sell to a publisher and to readers.

You can take the Book Writing and Publishing Course at your own rate and pace, when it convenient, from anywhere you have online access. I wish I had had this course when I started. I would have made many thousands more dollars, had even more books published and written, and avoided myself costly errors. It’s a bit like having a friend in the publishing industry.

If you want to see a book with your name on it and want to set up ongoing sources of passive and residual income, visit:

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Bill on The Today Show on St. Patrick’s Day

Out of the blue, I was invited to be on The Today Show on Monday, March 17, 2008. Since I am already on the East Coast (I’m in D.C. at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium teaching until Sunday), I agreed.A few people I have mentioned this to wanted to know how it happened. I was contacted by a writer asking me to comment on some Irish proverbs (I had never heard any of these proverbs) and their relevance to relationships. The resulting article was published in Women’s Health magazine and timed to come out in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Since I have an Irish background and name and am male, they wanted to know whether I would come on The Today Show for a “He Said/She Said” segment featuring the theme and Women’s Health editor/columnist Nicole Beland.I don’t really have a current book to hawk, so I plan to just have fun with it. They tell me it will be on during the 10 O’clock hour. 

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How to become a paid public speaker

Hi, this is Bill O’Hanlon. I’ve been a paid public speaker earning most of my living speaking for the past quarter of a century. I started this blog to help people learn how to get paid as speakers. You can also visit my website:, to learn more.

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